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Geothermal plant

Geothermal Energy
in the EU

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Course Overview

The course provides insight into the technological, legislative, economic, and social aspects of geothermal energy in the European Union. The course outline covers a range of topics related to geothermal drilling regulations in Europe, including drilling techniques and technologies, environmental and social considerations, permitting and licensing, health and safety regulations, and financial and economic considerations. It also includes case studies and a roundtable discussion for participants to exchange ideas and best practices. The attendees of the course will have a unique opportunity to study different aspects of geothermal energy development in their interrelation and entirety on practical examples and case studies.

Key benefits:

By the end of the course the participants will be able to understand:

  • Current regulatory and legislative framework for geothermal drilling in Europe

  • Key geothermal drilling techniques and technologies required to design and execute successful geothermal projects

  • Environmental and social considerations in geothermal drilling; review of recent geothermal wells permitting refusals, managing Environmental  Impact Assessments (EIAs) and Social Impact Assessments (SIAs)

  • Permitting and licensing requirements for geothermal drilling in EU

  • Health and Safety regulations in geothermal drilling safety

  • Financial and economic considerations in geothermal drilling - funding mechanisms, cost-benefit analysis and economic feasibility studies

  • Case studies of geothermal drilling projects in Europe

Who should attend:

  • Drilling contractors interested in geothermal energy development in the EU

  • Operators seeking to enhance and systemize their knowledge of the legislative and regulations framework

  • Drilling departments

  • Contracting and procurement departments

  • Licensing and permitting departments

  • Governmental relationship departments

  • Other professionals and departments interested and involved in geothermal drilling activities

“I was looking to participate in a training where we could compare oil and gas versus geothermal. Geothermal Drilling course provided exactly this; now I have a better understanding of the geothermal world and how important is the experience from the oil and gas industry for this type of projects. Kevin did a great job sharing his knowledge!”

Anna Ortin, Geological Operations Advisor,
Repsol, Canada

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