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Geothermal pipeline

Black Reiver Support Services to the Geothermal Investment community

Geothermal is a rapidly expanding alternative energy sector. Many investors are excited about its potential as a high-capacity, base-load power and heat producer.


The development of this clean energy resource is not straightforward and requires an understanding of many factors, including the potential of the geological resource, cost-effective drilling, and enhancement of the subsurface energy recovery by matching it with compatible surface installations.

Blackreiver Consulting has assembled a talented team of experienced cross-discipline experts who can help investors navigate the complexity of geothermal energy development, unlock their asset’s potential, and manage financial and technical risks.

We provide a wide range of consulting services, including but not limited to geothermal resource evaluation, drilling optimisation, regulatory framework analysis and project management.


Moreover, our team members bring decades of experience developing cutting-edge drilling technology. We are uniquely placed to evaluate the relevance and value of new geothermal drilling tools, equipment and techniques. This support is invaluable for venture capital and private equity investors, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of a new technology's potential and the associated investment risks.


Blackreiver is committed to meeting the unique needs of the investment community. We offer tailored geothermal training courses and coaching, ranging from brief, high-level introductions to in-depth explorations of the geothermal ecosystem and efficient drilling techniques. This flexibility ensures that our services align with your specific requirements.

So, before you invest in geothermal energy, come to Blackreiver for an unbiased technical evaluation of your opportunity.

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